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Muscle Supplement
Muscle Supplement
Muscle Supplement
Muscle Supplement

Muscle Supplement

Equine Catalyst

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Get your horse ready to compete with Equine Catalyst’s Muscle Supplement.

  • All-natural equine muscle builder made from flax.
  • Low-carb and heart-healthy essential horse vitamins.

Getting ready for the big competition? Get a head start with Equine Catalyst’s all-natural horse muscle growth supplement. Like all of our equine vitamins, our Muscle Supplement is made with all-natural flax. One of the best horse vitamin and mineral supplements on the market, this equine muscle builder helps your steed build muscle naturally. This horse supplement also works to strengthen your horse’s skin, coat, and hooves and is perfect for equine hair growth. This all-natural supplement is one of the best muscle builders for horses. Mix with your prefered horse feed to help build muscle today!

  • Builds clean, natural muscle
  • Decreases chances of contracting certain diseases
  • Gets horses ready for competition
  • Mixes easily with food
  • Won’t slow your horse down