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3 Horse Care Products You Need To Be Using

Taking care of a horse is no simple feat. Horses require a vast array of knowledge on the part of their caregiver. From feeding them the right diet to exercising them regularly, there is no end to the work involved in raising and caring for a horse well. Whether your horse is a medaled champion or is going through rigorous training, the right horse products will ensure your equine companion is healthy and happy.

While a proper diet will go a long way in ensuring your horse remains strong and healthy, the right supplements will go a long way in improving the performance abilities of your horse. If you are thinking about adding some new horse products into your daily routine, we invite you to check out the following three products which are a must for all equine management.

A Daily Supplement

Perhaps you reach for your own daily vitamin each morning. This supplement doesn’t act as a replacement for proper nutrition but rather fuels your body with extra important natural resources. The same can be said for your horses. A daily supplement will allow your horse to not only be healthier but to also be calmer.

At Equine Catalyst, we have the perfect daily supplement for your horse’s needs. Our daily supplement is designed with natural ingredients, including flax and other healthy sources of nutrition. By adding a daily supplement into your horse’s diet, you can improve the health of their coat, skin, and hooves. As an added bonus, our supplement is low carb and heart healthy. Not only will this daily supplement improve their bodily health, it is also perfect for calming high-strung horses, leading to a healthier mental state of being. Simply add one scoop of this horse product into their diet daily and you will improve the overall well-being of your beloved equine companion.

Joint Supplement

Let’s face it, a horse’s joints undergo a large amount of pressure and are put to work constantly. If your horse is competing, it is vital that you keep the animal’s joints healthy and operating properly. One way you can ensure your horse’s joints are in the best health possible is by adding a joint supplement to their diet. This horse product is a true must for equine health.

Our joint supplement will naturally and safely aid in the strengthening of your horse’s joints. This product is designed from natural ingredients, including flax which is a rich source of Omega-3s. This anti-inflammatory product will ease the pain of arthritis and other joint-related issues. It will improve your horse’s stamina, leading to increased performance abilities, as well as ensure your horse is not slowed down by any joint issues.

Muscle Supplement

If your horse is a competitor, then increased muscle strength is an absolute must. This supplement is a vital resource to have on hand to ensure your horse can naturally and safely build muscle. Not only will a muscle supplement help in the health of muscle growth, but it will also promote improved health overall.

Our muscle supplement features flax seeds and other important natural ingredients that reduce the fatigue your horse feels as well as improving recovery time. It is rich in a variety of other important nutrients, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, leucine, gamma oryzanol, and more. All of this will allow your horse to improve their ability to fight diseases and viruses, all while increasing muscle growth.

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Here at Equine Catalyst, we are passionate about providing only the highest quality in horse products. Everything we design for your horse was based upon scientifically proven technologies and a desire to aid in improved equine management. As always, we encourage you to utilize our supplements as an additional resource. You should always pair our products with a balanced and wholesome diet for your horses. By providing the proper care and the proper nutrition for your horse, you can improve their performance and their ability to recoup after a big competition.

Talk to us today if you have any further questions about our products and we invite you to shop our online store for all the horse products you need.